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About me

Sunita Menon
"You may not be in the business of data, but data is in your business" - Sunita Menon

Masterfully Connecting the Dots between Data and Technology with People, Process & Purpose for Strategic Results

"You may not be in the business of data, but data is in your business" – is Sunita’s personal insight that has guided her and the teams she led, in a career spanning 25+ years across India and USA.

Sunita is a global executive who has masterfully connected data and technology with people, process and purpose to achieve strategic business results. In her global leadership roles across IBM’s Chief Information Office, Chief Data Office and Chief Communication Office, Sunita transformed the business using data-driven strategies to achieve productivity, cost savings and revenue growth, while building data-driven organizations, governance and mindsets.

As a cross-functional leader Sunita works in the trenches with matrixed teams for all things data -- designing, cleaning, building, governing, visualizing and managing data processes and services -- at the heart of any customer-centric business. Sunita is a natural storyteller and she can’t resist bringing data storytelling into her day job.

Currently, she is partnering with businesses for ways to use their data as a strategic asset; unlock data-driven insights and inspire action with data storytelling for creating value for the business and its customers.

Sunita holds a master’s degree in Business Management from University of Connecticut and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bangalore University, India.

Expertise includes designing and implementing:
🔹Data & AI Strategy & Governance
🔹Organizational Change Management
🔹Customer 360 ° view | Customer Advocacy
🔹Agile Methods | Business Process Re-engineering
🔹Data and Insights as-a-Service
🔹Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sunita holds a Master degree in Business Management from University of Connecticut and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bangalore University, India.

Leadership Journey

  1. -
    Global Data Executive, Data-Driven Journeys

    Partnering with businesses to
    🔹achieve customer advocacy using data-driven methods and principles.
    🔹transform the business with proven data-driven strategies and culture.
    🔹inspire with data-driven actionable insights and data storytelling.
    🔹define and implement customer master data management engines/data governance.
    🔹build roadmaps to establish single view and 360 degree view of the customer.
    🔹evaluate data/AI products and services for achieving superior customer experience.

    When I am not doing the above, I am -
    🔹Writing/blogging, networking, presenting/speaking - about data-driven journeys.

  2. -
    Global Exec Director & Chief of Staff to CCO, Global Chief Communications Office

    🔹Strategy and Operations Leader as Chief of Staff to IBM's Chief Communications Officer 🔹

    Partnered with IBM Chief Communications Officer for developing global strategic plans, deploying tactics and initiatives and running business operations for achieving Communications’ organizational impact for the Corporation -
    ➕Increased IBM’s global share of positive earned media conversations in enterprise technology marketplace
    ➕Strengthened already high news coverage favorability and maintaining
    ➕Reduced lowest rating areas and boosted overall employee engagement

    🔹Data-Driven PR/Communications Initiative Leader 🔹

    Raised Communications’ organizational capability and expertise with data-driven foundation, mindset and culture.

    ➕Established globally a single trusted source and relevant dataset for the organization for PR / earned media / corporate reputation KPIs and actionable insights.
    ➕Customized and drove adoption of standard measures, methods and tools for 500+ members across regions.
    ➕Infused IBM reputation-driver insights with media analysis for strategic business impact.
    ➕Fostered a data-driven culture by building and deploying educational framework for data-driven

    🔹Established data strategy across a number of data tech platforms (external), to drive a common vision and direction for IBM's media monitoring, analytics and insights across media channels and audience.

    🔹Drove two-way alignment for success by ensuring that data tech capabilities/functions/features are enabling new ways of working (data-driven insights) for Communications business; while prioritizing product improvements for the external data tech platforms to achieve Communications productivity and business outcomes.

    🔹Thought leader on data-driven Communications and shared insights in several forums and conferences (A few links below).

  3. -
    Global Exec Director, Data Strategy & Governance, Global Chief Data Office

    Global Chief Data Office

    🔹Accelerated transition of enterprise use cases to modernized information architecture by establishing a new Agile product management team and business requirements prioritization process for data engineering and production.

    🔹Transformed sales, marketing, and finance effectiveness globally with a customer-centric solution in record time.

    🔹Reduced redundant and manual efforts by multiple units across the corporation to gather and analyze client data for insights, sales opportunities, and improving client experience.

    🔹Pioneered and established a single global client ID (99.6% data quality) for each client by consolidating over 3M legacy transaction records representing avg. $80B in revenue - used across IBM for client segmentation, enterprise performance management, sales, marketing and client data analytics.

    🔹Simplified information architecture by reducing 6 copies of client master data to 2 copies and implementing data quality and governance processes for ongoing automated data quality management.

    🔹Designed and engineered 360° view of the Client for IBM’s business that provides users with a single trusted source and integrated insights from IBM-Client touchpoints data e.g., sales opportunities, sales territory assignments, go-to-market segmentation, financial revenue, NPS, marketing interactions, and customer service activities.

    🔹Developed a playbook to showcase for clients how they can accelerate their business migration to cloud / AI data platform.

  4. -
    Global Business Transformation Manager , Global Chief Information Office & Sales Transformation

    Business Strategy & Process Leader – Sales Transformation 2010 – 2013 IBM Global Markets Unit
    🔹Achieved multi-million-dollars’ worth of sales productivity and efficiencies by designing and deploying a simplified sales forecasting process for over 30K IBM sellers to use a single tool and sunsetting 52 custom processes and tools across multiple business units and regions.

    Manager, Business Intelligence – Global Chief Information Office 2007 – 2009
    🔹Delivered responsive end-user support to IBM units and over 20K users for business intelligence data and applications by redesigning and deploying a globally integrated process and a team across 3 continents.

    Manager, IBM Offering Data Domain – Enterprise Business Information Unit 2004 – 2006
    🔹Reduced data handoffs 15% and increased data accuracy 50% by organizing and simplifying global product master data and applications supporting day-to-day business and enterprise transformation initiatives.

    Managing Consultant & Customer Data Strategist – IBM Corporate Marketing unit 2000 – 2003
    🔹Consolidated multiple data sources to support customer data analytics engine for IBM’s CRM and ERP business processes by defining and implementing a simplified customer data strategy and governance system.

  5. -
    Country Manager - Market Intelligence, IBM India Limited

    Country Manager – Market Intelligence
    🔹Created from scratch and established IBM India’s customer / prospect database for enabling sales and marketing processes.

    🔹Standardized and streamlined sales and marketing processes across the country by defining and implementing a single customer relationship management (CRM) application and process for sales opportunity management, tele-sales operations and marketing campaign management teams.

    🔹Increased IBM India brand awareness and boosted sales by executing targeted demand generation campaigns and events.

    🔹Delivered relevant insights to shape and influence go-to-market plans and sales activities through numerous market research studies across India.

  6. -
    Marketing Communications Executive - CHQ, Digital Equipment India Limited

    🔹Formulated and executed marketing and communications plans for corporate communications, product/service launches, sales communication materials, and industry-oriented seminars by collaborating with several media agencies and regional offices.

    🔹Designed, published, and distributed the company’s magazine to customers and prospects across the country while drafting press releases, organizing press conferences and executive interviews, and increasing press coverage to maximize brand image.

    🔹Conceptualized and launched demand generation campaigns by maintaining an accurate customer database, developing PR and media plans, and coordinating global advertising campaigns for Digital India.

Proudest Accomplishment

Building data products, services and culture and achieving strategic business results

Experience Highlights

  • Pioneered and built a single Global Client ID for each client for a $80B Fortune 500 company
    Single view of the client globally across sales marketing and finance for client insights
  • Designed and engineered a 360 degree view of the client for $80B Fortune 500 company
    comprehensive global view of client touchpoints for client analytics and insights
  • Organizational Change Management for Communications function
    Data-driven foundation and culture for PR/earned media/corporate reputation objectives

Education Highlights

  • Executive MBA from University of Connecticut
    SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Hall of Fame award for extraordinary  achievement
  • Bachelor of Arts from University of Bangalore
    history, economics and political science


  • 99.6%
    Data Quality status of single global client IDs
  • 360°
    View of the client for business insights
  • 30K+
    multi -million dollar efficiencies for sellers


  • data and AI strategy roadmap
  • 360° view of the customer
  • data and insights as-a-service
  • customer advocacy
  • customer relationship mgmt
  • agile methods | Practices
  • business process re-engg
  • organizational change mgmt


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